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"Synnika Lofton and Tundè bring an old school grit to contemporary production values. This is urbane, deeply conscious hip hop with a militant edge. Literate and compelling... Their performance was polished, and they came hard straight from the start. These are consummate performers and master craftsmen."

--Jeff Hewitt, Antonym Press

"Babatunde is a sick rapper and this is a really dope beat"


--David Holley , YouTube Subscriber

"Poet Immortal [Synnika Lofton] takes performance poetry to yet another place. He makes full use of the available arsenal (Rap, Spoken Word, Rhythm & Blues) to take us into the uplift level of guerilla mood. His lyrics are a refreshing shout-out to the love that we affirm and to our need to confront the social condition with possibility. His intention is clear -- wanting the ear to urge the spirit to engage the struggle now.”


---Louis Reyes Rivera, Poet

"Black Lion Insurgents brought their own brand of street poetry and hip hop style. 'I'm a daydreamer and you reap what you sow.' -- Lessons for all to hear and heed. While they preached their rhymes, the screen behind them played their branded video footage, cementing the message to the audience. This was the first time that I have caught them live but it won’t be the last."


--James Robinson, Antonym Press 

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