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"Shhh No More" by Clifton Vizhun Johnson

This poem is dear to my heart, and not just because I’m creating a documentary.

It’s important to me, because God anointed thee assignment before he gave it to me.

Entitled “SHHH No More” we’re about to infiltrate and agitate these sleeping storms.

If this was a song, it could be considered the hundredth and fifty first Psalm.

I’m, about to talk about a subject matter that’s been going on for far too long.

Just because it happens so often doesn’t justify it being the norm.

From child sex trafficking, to child porn, even child sexual abuse in your own home.

We say “shhh no more”, in the mist of suppressed silence.

We not the ones who gonna remain quiet, we refuse to be silent.

This forbidden violence, you know they trying to hide it.

Telling you it’s y’alls little secret, so you gotta keep it private.

Let’s amplify it, for those voices who spend their nights cryin'.

Emotionally traumatized by this, mischievous metaphorical giant.

The adults in your life, they seem to think that you’re lyin'.

While inside yourself, you feel like a part of your soul is dying.

You’re getting sick and tired of trying, having no one to confide in.

Only God knows your woes, these battles are stressful and horrifying.

How much more testifying, when everyone else keeps denying?

You went from joyfully energetic to an isolated introvert filled with shyness.

Nobody noticed you stop smiling, living in an unsafe environment.

A predatorial climate, growing up in solitary confinement.

A home reconstructed into a prison, that only Hell could define it.

Having abducted your innocence, then they try to play innocent.

Pushing the guilt on you, like you, made them do what they do.

It’s never your fault, no matter how many times they try to blame you.

They claim to, love you, but all they do is lustfully hurt you.

For those who gossip and speculate with no intentions of ever helping you.

They might as well be aiding & abetting, accessory to the abuse.

While you were protecting someone else, there was no one else protecting you.

What is a young person to do, when the elders don’t believe you?

If it wasn’t for God’s spiritual truth, you would’ve committed suicide.

It’s like they, purposely ignored all the warning signs, pretending to be blind.

Let’s unclose their eyes and unmask their minds, then watch them act surprised!

Not this one last time, not this youthful incest, adolescent rape, molestational crimes.

They crossed sacred lines over a million different times leaving nothing behind.

The pedophiliac mind, is psychotic by design, perplexed and obsessed.

Whether biologically twisted or addicted to profane sex.

Knowing there’s no amount of money that will help you ever forget.

They aren’t just, strange acting, weird looking, creepy thinking, suspects.

Almost ninety percent of the time, they are people that you trusted!

You are not wrong for being trusting, it’s their thoughts that were disgusting.

That’s why we need to keep discussing, inappropriate touching.

Uncomfortable hugging that leads to sexual acts that are disturbing.

After generations of burdens, we all need to be committed to breaking that.

We have a zero toleration and we ain’t taking a step back!

Victimizers claiming that, they have no control over how they act.

Saying they were victims themselves; all they want is their own power back.

We all know better than to believe that, because the facts don’t match.

When they first made contact, they preyed upon your meekness.

Causing you to spend majority of your time praying in secret.

Feeling indecent, looking for reasons, that you were cursed.

Wishing you were ugly enough, so you wouldn’t be touched

Mama says, “hush, be grateful my child that he loves you that much.”

Daddy says, “you exaggerate too much, he doesn’t believe any of that stuff.”

They think you’re desperate for attention, so you’re making this all up.

Even the people in the congregation, keep saying “not in our church.”

They’re choosing not to believe you, makes it hurt even worst.

Are the grown-ups, not mature enough, or are they well trained?

Preferring to look the other way so they don’t see your pain.

I can’t begin to explain, how someone can let a child be hurt in vain.

I am not afraid, I am not ashamed, I am not your slave, I will not behave.

It’s time you take ownership of your own sinful ways.

I am not my pain; I must break every chain. I have been preordained.

I am not fragile; I am far from being weak because I came to speak.

For those who have ears, come and here us preach.

This is not my guilt, don’t try to put that on me.

Thank you Lord for delivering me, offering me a piece of your peace.

Never forsaking me or leaving me, from victim to survivor to more than victory.

I am not the things they said and done to me; I am not my own worst enemy.

I am not willing to pretend to be, what the world wants to think of me.

I am free because God said so, so as He has said, I’mma let that be.

I am not going to keep quiet, I am sounding the alarms, listen to the sirens.

I am not going to not speak out, about, how you are an infamous tyrant.

I am Shhh no more, we’re about to eliminate these plagues and dark science.

Gods mercy is so righteous, but His vengeance is priceless.

Forgiveness comes because the Son, of God keeps us inspired!

What was once done in the dark, has now been highlighted.

I am that I am, because God’s glory shines the brightest!

This poem was inspired by the cast & crew of my upcoming Indie Documentary entitled "SHHH...". Survivors Healing Helping Hopeful. "Shhh No More" is the movement we have started to increase communication & awareness concerning Child Sexual Abuse. The documentary is scheduled to release in April 2020.

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