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Morning Coffee on July Third

Projecting Blues

Projecting Energy

Projecting Confidence

The Matrix is unforgiving

is savage

is insatiable

is another door

floating in the American


The game is real

I eat protein oatmeal

Headlines blur

The familiar suspects

populate the feed


the neighbors

keep sliding the glass door

shaking the floor

with hip hop

It's 8am

81 degrees outside

Going for a walk at sundown

sounds better than early

hostile sweat that

requires days

of rest

Chesapeake unfolds

her balmy jazz

yea/ her balmy jazz

A dark gray pickup truck

revs its engine

humming in

a loading zone

A white woman

loads her privileged life

and patriotic dreams

and ideas

of American


into the vehicle

excited for her drive

to the Virginia Beach


where Conservative

faces pay homage

to the sea

and their fictional

accounts of July


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