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July Fourth Isn't Worth Admiration

Heavy ideas

Heavy whispers

Heavy dreams

Heavy movements

behind closed doors

They use creed

They use belief

They use country

They use Patriotism

They use law as a method

of violence

A Black student

from Schenectady says

CRT is good religion

and PWI’s don't serve

Black and Brown students

You feel me?

July Fourth Isn't Worth Admiration

isn't worth the time

isn't worth backyard barbecues

isn't worth trips to the beach

to hang out with yuppies

celebrating their SUVs

401ks and vacation packages

isn't worth firing up the grill

Too many people struggle

for that milk and honey bro

Tunde says as he sits

down at a large business-like

desk and cracks open a book

in the middle of the night

I say You don’t feel

like a shining Black Eagle

tattooed with love

and goodness and built

for resistance?

July Fourth Isn't Worth Admiration

Bluesy people don't admire

funky attitudes or pigs that don't fly straight

or Liberty's muddy

interpretation of Freedom

SCOTUS strikes down Affirmative Action

for Black and Brown students

while upholding a Jim Crow version

of it for wealthy

and privileged students

whose parents' names

appear on buildings

I sip my scalding brew

from an old school

coffee pot—

keeping it Black

with a hint of Stevia

like Fela Kuti rebelling

against colonial agendas


state controlled media

and police brutality

Around here I refuse

to worship manipulated holidays

or observances for old days

for old wars

for the glorification

of old histories

or beefs against

Big Bad Britain


shucks and jives

snaps its fingers

getting busy in tap shoes

and waits for the applause

while I crack chains and shackles

evolve into God's image

the people's image

cleansing my body

of American mythology—

a tattooed impurity

refusing to let my skin

absorb sunlight

Map out the maze

and get that money

Daddy said

Defend yourself at all times

Mama said

July Fourth Isn't Worth Admiration

July Fourth Isn't Worth Admiration







I continue to stir history

in a cast iron pot

adapting wheels

to hot terrain

allowing Juneteenth to appear

on my forehead

like a Tribal marking

like a Beautiful reminder

like a Beautiful scar

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