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Fight for a Better Massa?

they develop an appetite

for all things viral or needy

or beyond the scope of actually

putting in work for the people’s

needs and understanding

shucking and jiving for social media

has become a common

occurrence creating crumbling

sanctuaries and churches

built on sand safe houses

with constantly changing

windows and old irrational

views from the 1960s

irrelevant graffiti spray painted

on black and gray walls

i bury my head in books

and interpretations

and ways to rebel

raise Hell



the maze

a life experienced

without chains

without restraints

without hollow judgments

or the satisfaction

of waging revolution

from pictures frames

and dead ideas.

"Synnika Alekzander-Chizoba Lofton is an award winning poet, educator, and recording artist. Lofton is the author of seventeen books and more than 150 spoken word albums and singles. He is a Literature instructor at Chesapeake Bay Academy and a lecturer at Norfolk State University."

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