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"Ending of Love's Journey" by Shiquita James

Yesterday I lost my melody to which my heart beats and my soul dances, as my mind stores the lyrics to which it plays. But now that that melody has been last, all else has been broken. My heart skip beats, my soul forgets its steps and my mind draws blank.

Tonight as I look into the night’s sky, it’s as if I am gazing into my very own eyes. While filled with darkness, emptiness and not a twinkle of a star in sight. Seeming, as if, they fell out the sky onto my face forming my tears.

As the universe runs deep, so does the love for them that I hold, bearing no end or limitations. Never considering the possibilities of losing them on this journey through the universe, that together we were to complete. Will the strength of love defeat the forces of gravity, bringing us back together? Or has our journey proven the universe to have an end.

Was it all just made believe, not really what it seems? Like a figment of my imagination as to a deserts mirage. Playing tricks on my mind while inside I slowly die. My soul dehydrated from my hearts drought. Bearing no voice to scream or cry out. 

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