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"Black Woman as God and Outlaw" by Synnika Lofton

The power emerges

like sunlight

like femininity

like hostile energy

toward lower frequencies;

she destroys men with lesser values,

with cowardice tucked

behind their hearts.

An ode

An ode


for the black woman

that scours maze-like

terrain of AmeriKKKa.

A bluesy song dances

on her skin.

She hurls fists and demands!

She burns through brutal climate

for change

for rage

for a chance

to set fire

to patriarchy's church.

I honor the black woman

and her powerful tribe.

Her vibe,

her method,

her way,

I celebrate,

like the perfume

of liberation,

a rhythm trapped

in a beautiful place,

a sound that I memorize

because I know she is more

than the comments

of strange men

or weirdos

or bottom feeders

or those that never learned.

She avoids the sickness,

the attitudes,

the hate.

She commits to the front-lines,

arms herself with hope,


black girl magic:




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