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I have specifically designed Mailbox Revolution to give you exclusive access to small poetry collections each month. These collections are designed to be read and enjoyed in one sitting. I believe human relationships should be valued more than the temporary and fragile connections that people make on social media outlets and blogs, so this is an attempt at creating relationships, not profits. I am a highly prolific writer, and I have books and recordings that are always circulating around my hyperactive mind.  This is my way of connecting with individuals that may enjoy reading poetry about social justice, racism, loss, family, transformation, spirituality, risk taking, and navigating the human experience. 


These collections are now being offered to the general public. You may see them as ebooks in the store, but my ultimate vision is to only make them available as hard copies to the people connected with Mailbox Revolution. This is a curated experience for a few individuals. This campaign is more about connecting with people than about making money. In this high paced, superficial world, I believe it is time to get back to what makes humanity special. Are you with me? 


You may me wondering about the title of this campaign, right? Mailbox Revolution literally means that I am creating a relationship---with you, the reader--by placing my works in your hands, instead of trying to create relationships online through the noise of social media. My writing needs readers and fighting for space online has become a bit monotonous and unfulfilling. My plan is to reconnect with people in a very real, honest way. Each month, I publish a small collection of poetry and only make it available to the members of this campaign. Each book is autographed and branded with the official sticker of Mailbox Revolution. This offer is exclusive to this group.


If this sounds like a movement you can get behind, please subscribe to this campaign. This subscription service is only $12 each month. Make sure to include your mailing address in the details to receive the book of the month. 

Warmest Regards, 

Synnika Alek-Chizoba Lofton 

Dear, Valued Reader! 

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Each month readers that are subscribed will receive a chapbook or a small collection of poems by Synnika Alek-Chizoba Lofton. Each book is autographed and stamped with the official sticker of the series. Books are mailed on the 15th of every month. 

Each month is reserved for a different book. Readers that sign up before the 15th of any month will receive the book for that month. If a reader signs up after the 15th of any month, he or she will receive that month's book as soon as possible.

 Readers may join at any time within this period or cancel at anytime within this period. 

Join the Mailbox Revolution for $12! 

Click on the Image below to Donate to the Mailbox Revolution!  

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