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Guerrilla Ignition LLC started as a production company called Poet-Immortal Productions in 2001, specializing in Spoken Word recordings. In 2012, it officially became a record label and book publishing company called Guerrilla Ignition, which worked with a small number of poets, writers, and musicians.  Guerrilla Ignition is the home of poet, Synnika Alek-Chizoba Lofton, hip hop group, Black Lion Insurgents, and several other writers and authors. 

Nothin Lasts
People of Resistance and Sunlight Vol. 1
The National Messenger
Loaded Drum_2019.png
Free My Soul
Rage in AmeriKKKa
People of Resistance and Sunlight Vol. 5
Screenshot_20201212-211947_Messenger (1)
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